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Ingenuiti's Global Solutions Blog is written by experts covering eLearning Development, Translation, eLearning Localization, Video Animation, and Graphic Design.

How to Design Engaging MicroLearning Experiences, Part 3

Is this story familiar to you? You took a 20-minute online course a month ago on the company’s new privacy guidelines. You’re about to email a third-party vendor some business data about y...

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How to Design Engaging MicroLearning Experiences, Part 2

“Context Is King,” as the common adage goes – and it’s especially true for MicroLearning. In the previous post, we explored how a MicroLearning module...

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How to Design Engaging MicroLearning Experiences, Part 1

Within two years, over half of your workforce will be comprised of tech savvy Millennials who expect to be engaged at work. If you deliver your learni...

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